Podcasting Day: Masters of the Gridiron 🌭

This week we’re talking about the greatest fantasy adventure of all time, and for that we needed a fantasy author. Not just any fantasy author, but a pioneer of the genre, a master of multi-book epic series like The Shadow Campaigns and Burningblade and Silvereye, a craftsman who knows about the backbreaking work it takes to craft such intricate living worlds, we needed a man with a name like Django Wexler. And we needed him to talk about Masters of the Gridiron

It’s a 15-minute long football promo. 

That’s underselling it!

Created by and starring the 1986 Cleveland Browns, Masters of the Gridiron is about the head-injury induced adventures of Mike Baab, who disappears into a fantasy realm of his own making where he becomes the Baabarian, a dollar-store Conan on a dangerous quest for the Masters of the Gridiron Ring! Listen, the worldbuilding and characters are far too rich to do justice here. Just try to pick a favorite from these noble adventurers!

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