Teamworking Day: Total Self Defense

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7 replies on “Teamworking Day: Total Self Defense”

As someone who took AKK classes back in the 90s, I do not recognize a single godrotten thing about this other than the Crest

As I say: it’s not the art, it’s the artist

Finally; this explains why every mosh pit I’ve ever seen with a skinny teenager doing this move has ended with no survivors. I’ve personally been killed 7 times by these moves.

They showed us this video in basic training. We lost three trainees to heart punch in one afternoon

RE The outward windmill gif:

If you got into the octagon with Chuck Liddell and did the outward windmill he would just stare at you. Intently. For 15 seconds. And then he would motion his corner to throw in the towel. Because no-one can fight the outward windmill.

I found this video on YouTube and showed it to my wife. Upon seeing Sensei McSweeney she said “how did cottage cheese learn to put on a suit?” then it cut to him doing shirtless tiger moves and was moved to reverent silence.

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