Learning Day: Man Up Your Meals

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13 replies on “Learning Day: Man Up Your Meals”

“we are in danger of losing our last X chromosome”
(X is of course the manly one because of that vin diesel movie)

I guess they meant the Y chromosome (and by “last” they must have meant “the only one”) and didn’t realize that being born with just the Y gives you debilitating congenital problems.

3 if you’re just cooking. 8 if you’re also drinking it. Double it if that mooch Boombox Ronnie invites himself over.

I will say that blurb is right that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

There are too many bones in the way if you go through the rib cage and the throat is soft but awfully narrow.

Bought the cookbook and was disappointed to find out there wasn’t a single recipe featuring man as the main ingredient. With a name like Man Up Your Meals and taglines like Hunger Busting Man-Food I thought I struck the motherlode.

It reads like the intended audience is guys in an infomercial doing something pants-shittingly stupid like trying to dry their tongues with a cat’s asshole as a narrator glibly pops in to ask, “Has this ever happened to you?”

What I love is the idea that food in “the good old days” would have been spicy, or flavorful. Have you ever seen recipes from back then? Your average American spice rack had two items on it: salt and seasoned salt. If you were reeeeally adventurous, you might have added pepper. For most people, food was broken down into two categories: eat with ketchup, or eat with mustard. If you walked into a 50’s era grocery store and tried to buy Gruyere, you’d have been arrested as a suspected Communist. And if they saw you putting it on waffles, you’d have just been shot on sight.

If they were really trying to capture how men used to eat, every recipe would have been “Add potatoes and some form of meat to

a pot of unseasoned water, boil for 7 hours, then everyone in the family eat without talking.”

(Sorry…premature comment posting….)

I thought we were supposed to like Guy Fieri as a role model for his philanthropy and supporting independent restaurants…

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