Podcasting Day: Power Slap with Zak Koonce 🌭

Power Slap: Road to the Title, is a show about a fighting league where men slap. To be more clear, it’s a style of fighting where men with nothing to live for flip a coin to see which one gets knocked out. It’s the sad parts of violence without the skill of martial arts pinned to a reality show made twenty years too late. If a pet store owner told you, “These two fish will kill each other in a bowl that small,” Power Slap is a sport based around ignoring him.

It’s fucking crazy that it exists and we discuss it with our dear friend from Auralnauts, Zak Koonce! Slap it here! Or hold this little stick behind your back and let it slap you here! Slap!

If you’re a fan of combat sports and have always wondered what it would be like to not be, Power Slap is perfect. It’s like sitting in an animal shelter and just watching a rabies outbreak play out. Maybe there’s no way to describe it. It’s a gloryless spectacle of desperate misery. If you sold your house to invest in Moonfall NFTs, your parole officer would look at Power Slap and say, “Nothing has ever included this many terrible ideas in one place.” Please enjoy! Slap us a review! Slap us a like! SLAP!

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Even the Nevada State Commission is starting to balk after several states said straight up fuck no.

Looking forward for Dana White’s next project “Junk Kick” in which 24 of the nation’s top crotch punters share a house while competing to be the next top ballbuster.

Oh god this is real how is it real and how is it THIS I assumed Power Slap was the name of an MMA promoter or streaming service or line of tennis rackets. Literally anything but this

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