Nerding Day: The Mortal Kombat Live Tour Promo

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6 replies on “Nerding Day: The Mortal Kombat Live Tour Promo”

I grew up in LA and was of prime Kombat age at the time – I rented MKI but never actually got to play it since I got grounded the same day – but I don’t remember the live show at all.

Oscar winner and Punisher War Zone director Lexi Alexander played Princess Kitana in one of these stage shows. She would approve of Ms. Hoskins uppercutting that guy’s head into orbit.

I am pretty meeeh about Twin Peaks in general but that was definitely my favourite episode.

In the recent games, Mortal Kombat has been in favour of bringing back all the crazy lore from the past 25 or so years. It’s cool to see all the characters share the spotlight, old and new, famous and obscure. I can’t wait til mk12 when they bring back one of their most out-there villains, Mark Kriski.

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