Podcasting Day: Frank Miller’s Holy Terror with Bryan Stratton 🌭

This week we have Bryan Stratton from the Marvel by the Month podcast on the Dogg Zzone 9000. MbtM is a whimsically exhaustive podcast chronicling every month in Marvel Comics history starting from the beginning. If you need a few keywords to help you search for it, try ‘fun, informative, inclusive, good comic books.’ If you use none of those keywords, you’ll find Frank Miller’s Holy Terror. That’s what we’re talking about on the Dogg Zzone today.

Frank Miller was always on the verge of losing his mind, and then terrorists flew a plane into it. 9/11 broke Frank Miller’s everything, and much like all of America in 2001, he dialed up revenge so far it went into racism. And much like most of America afterward, he forgot to turn it back down once his enemies had been exploded. That’s why he wrote Holy Terror, which is if Batman fully penetrated Catwoman and – don’t say “no thanks” yet, you haven’t let him finish – AND he also hates Islam. You’re welcome, America.

Haha, Frank Miller actually said drawing this comic is “how I can serve my country” and depending on how close it was to the year 2001 when he said that, it’s possible nobody laughed at him. Oh it was 2011? Somebody laughed at him.

Those ACLU fatcats won’t let us show you much of Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, but luckily when I cut all of the racist parts we still wound up with the real story Frank Miller wanted to tell.

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This illustrates a fear of mine. That I learn something about a creator, artist, writer, etc. that makes me rethink the meaning of their previous work. Fortunately the bloom was already off the rose when it came to Miller, so no damage there. But stil…

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