Teamworking Day: The Godfrey Ho Ninja Award Matching Game!

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5 replies on “Teamworking Day: The Godfrey Ho Ninja Award Matching Game!”

Every painted movie poster is a guitar solo on canvas; the most incredible tribute to games of pretend anyone will ever make. Vascular ape wizards! Motorcycles ramping off unrelated three-car pileups! Ninjas pointing lit fireworks in absolutely the wrong direction! Covid-conscious Sylvester Stallone’s Cobra! I’m not even mad that the films can’t begin to deliver on these pieces of art, because what fucking could?

Friend, if you haven’t checked out the Deadly Prey Gallery, delight and amazement await you. ^_^

I’m gonna assume the one with Kyle MacLachlan beating up a middle school ninja nerd is Blue Velvet.

Every one of these posters fucks harder than the next no matter how you arrange or rearrange them.

Come on Brockway. The fact you didn’t know Ninja Terminator was the one with the Garfield phone doesn’t just mean you have never seen Ninja Terminator, but you also clearly never read Seanbaby’s Cracked article on words in only bad movie titles!

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