Learning Day: The Scam Cookbooks of Morishige Shunsen

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10 replies on “Learning Day: The Scam Cookbooks of Morishige Shunsen”

I earnestly asked my wife, “Oh no, do you think he will think I am being sarcastic?!?” because I really liked the article!

Honestly, I`m impressed there were no repeated recipies in 3 books. And the recipies were vaguely related to the theme.
Wait, is that impressive? Or did seanbaby set my expectations too low?

Maybe there are repeated recipes? That Kate Middleton one for Macaroni and Cheese can’t be much more complicated than Ye’s one for Simple Macaroni and Cheese can it?

Technically Kate *is* the princess of Quebec but don’t tell the Quebecois that. For that matter most of us non-Quebecois aren’t happy about it either.

I am an authentic Quebec peon and I approve of this message. Except for the part about not being happy, as I do not quite care. Poutine to you!

As a British taxpayer, I would prefer your situation of having a princess that you don’t have to pay for.

I am shocked and dismayed that neither Search Ohio (meta search of all public libraries)nor OhioLINK (ditto, but College/University libraries) had any of Morishige Shunsen’s books! Not even the exemplar Columbus Culinary Institute at Bradford School has any! Damn these heartless government peons for generally not buying direct-to-print books!

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