Podcasting Day: Monster Wars 3 with Napoleon Blownapart 🌭

By the skulled canary panties of Grave Digger, it is still Monster Wars Week! And on the Dogg Zzone 9000, we are talking about monster trucks becoming men and those men becoming legend. We knew we had to get an expert on these 10,000 pound car-crunching beasts, so we booked Napoleon Blownapart on the podcast. He’s an MMA YouTuber from Ireland, a country so without monster trucks he thought we were kidding when we told him what we’d be talking about.

You can listen here! Or wherever you get podcasts. Warning: The episode of Monster Wars we discuss was one where each truck man is given an extra temporary(?) theme and no one is more confused than them.

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7 replies on “Podcasting Day: Monster Wars 3 with Napoleon Blownapart 🌭”

Ok, fuck what I said yesterday about some dreary, mundane multilevel marketing scheme. The podcast has granted me ascension to a higher understanding of Monsters and their Wars.

I now can see that the truck avatars are gestalt beings. The trucks themselves are thousands of components assembled together into a mighty whole and each part – every screw and valve and hunk of plastic – possesses a unique soul that can only find harmony when put into communion with the other souls it is linked to on our physical plane.

These souls fill roughly man-shaped creatures incorporated in a dimension of imagination and joy beyond our own, their personalities a consensus of the legion they are.

And because monster truck parts break or get sold constantly, can we expect constancy of these truck leviathans? They are conversations spanning eons, chunks of soul constantly getting reshuffled and replaced.

Also, monster trucks are like male porn star dicks: big, impressive in a trashy sort of way, but useless outside of very specific contexts and even there often limply failing without constant maintenance.

Goddamnit Brockway, the last line was so funny that it erased… Alien Skeletor Fuck Cats (?) from my mind. You warned us that human brains could not retain the memory of whatever the fuck this was and now I have no idea what I’m commenting on.

This really is one of the best episodes in the series in terms of entertainment value – it was late in the season and they had built a lot of these layers on top of each other for the characters throughout the season which was about 20 episodes. The earlier episodes had a lot more stale and formulaic promos until they started adding these other layers in.

The show was syndicated and some markets got a half hour version with no characters at all. The way the show was marketed was that the characters were “alter egos” of the trucks. The licensor was the same company that actually brought Pokemon to the States just 4- 5 years later. Some licensing plays work out and some don’t!

It’s amazing how much you guys got right for not having any pre-exposure to the series. The USHRA was indeed hurting for TV coverage and with tobacco and alcohol sponsorships being more regulated (this was the final year of Camel cigarette sponsorship and the tour was also sponsored by Budweiser), management decided to pivot to a more family-friendly model and this was their first attempt at it. It crashed and burned hard, but the money put into the production, graphics, music etc was far and away higher than any other monster truck TV show in history.

It’s one of those things that’s so bad that it’s good. And the 4-year-old in me that watched the original run still gets giddy any time that the series is discovered by new people.

It’s astonishing you have this knowledge. The internet barely knows this show exists, and I was able to find like 6 episodes total – only 4 complete. This is oral history and you have to pass it on to the next generation or it will be lost.

Weird, pedantic beings who can change their form (or at least how human eyes view them) and can will terrible puns into existence? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m pretty sure we’re dealing with a ton of aliens from whatever species Beezbo is!

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