Podcasting Day: Superfights with Dirk Marshall 🌭

This week we’re talking to Dirk Marshall from the VHUS Podcast: Where all the best taped garbage is found. We’re discussing the best 1990s white savior martial arts movie you’ve never seen, because nobody has ever seen it. Not a single person, not until Dirk watched it and activated his emergency Hot Dog Signal. Because if anybody had ever seen this, they would have told somebody, and it would be a cornerstone of pop culture by now. You would find your people by the call and response to your favorite quotes.

“BullSHIT I’m a great fighter!” You’d quip, and the attractive person across the bar would spin around.

“I don’t THINK so!” They’d say.

You’d be married. You’d be happy. You’d have joyous, loved, centered children capable of enacting real change on this world. It would all be different. It wouldn’t be like this. It wouldn’t be like this at all if even one person watched Superfights.

But they didn’t. Until right now.

I can’t even explain it, it’s beyond me. Luckily Superfights solved this problem, too. The best way to explain anything is with an Educational Ninja.

Podcast novelization cover by Brett Ellefson

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Thanks for getting these out so early. Perfect for my morning walk and I get up unreasonably early.

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