Podcasting Day: Twinkle Ninja Fantasy with Dirk Marshall 🌭

If you’re discussing the impact madmen have had on pop culture, you eventually need to bring up Godfrey Ho, which is what we did on this episode of the Dogg Zzone 9000. To try to make sense of Godrey (sometimes known as Bruce, sometimes Tony, sometimes Rogar, sometimes Felix) and his 155 ninja films childishly pasted together from the corpses of 593 non-ninja films, we talked to leading Godfrey Ho expert and host of the VH-US Podcast, Dirk Marshall. As the owner of most of them, we put Dirk in charge of choosing the movie: Twinkle Ninja Fantasy. It’s a fish-exploding ninja drug smuggler film, probably. We are the first people to ever try to understand it, and we don’t! Fucking, at all!

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