Punching Day: Rocket Robin Hood

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7 replies on “Punching Day: Rocket Robin Hood”

I knew that Rocket Robin Hood was a real cartoon but I had no idea that it was Canadian. That makes it more baffling that I’ve never seen an episode – growing up I watched an insane amount of low-budget cartoons like Hercules or whatever else my tiny Canadian town got on TV.

A hidden sect dedicated to maintaining the bloodline of not only the Hoods, but also the Johns, Marians, etc? is implausible. It would take unthinkably complex genetic husbandry far beyond the science of even the godlike Azeem Freeman.

I think what is more likely is that you have a pretty fucked up group of 31st century rich kids, running amok as they larp through the cosmos fucking up everything they see.

Perhaps David Lynch thought this was what the Bene Gesserit were about when he oiled up Sting and put him in that leather speedo.

I watched this all the time as a kid and can still sing the theme song (not as good as the Spider-Man theme though).

Given the small number of channels we got in my Canadian hometown, all cartoons were considered good. Even this one which was insane. It came on right after Spider-Man so you could get both Dementia fives back to back. Might have happened but my brain won’t let me remember that.

Every word of this is the best word I’ve ever read. Rocket Robin Hood is Canada’s greatest creation purely for the mind lobster god-king who’s weakness is “uh-huh”-ing him while reading your phone, and it keeps topping itself.

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