Teamworking Day: Hot Dog University

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7 replies on “Teamworking Day: Hot Dog University”

Iā€™m an adjunct at a chaos community college. Unfortunately we are stuck with subpar mildly chaotic materials dredged from the magic animal section of Tubi or the book section of Urban Outfitters. Still, a lot of the students are folks looking for a second chance and our credits count towards the licensure requirements in most states.

I feel it’s a far too easy joke that chaos community college is just regular community college, but it’s probably still true.

“Well that looks like an all-purpose guide for avoiding death at home or on the go for Nixon-era ladies.”

Damn shame Martha Mitchell didn’t have a copy of this book when she was kidnapped during Watergate by the guy who became Trump’s ambassador to the Czech Republic.

…I need to suggest “Bombproof your horse” to @Curator@Mastodon.Art as an art prompt.

Seriously, Seanbaby’s house is going to summon some kind of chaos entity and/or be the setting of a National Treasure movie sooner or later. …same thing, actually.

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