Learning Day: The Society of Classical Poets

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15 replies on “Learning Day: The Society of Classical Poets”

This is Neither Irony or Coincidence

Of the ten dead august poets
Curated by these males
There is not a single member
Who did not shit in a pail.

Yet in the proud group that listed
All of those famous pips
It would be a shocking taboo
For poop to evade their lips.

Zzzzz Dennard’s poetry is zzzzzzzo good that we all laughed throughout article, but the poetry he zzzzzzzzzzzzz submitted to the poet society was too funny. 8 of our numbers died of laughing and we demand recompense

A bit surprised there isn’t more explicit *Christo*-fascism. I was really hoping for something that Gregorian monks might’ve once composed plainchant for, after the ink dried on Dies Irae.

He didn’t cover it, but there at least used to be a bunch of Trad cath religious poetry there.

One of the best articles. Never have I laughed as hard at a line as I did at
Arise Dame Rosanne
From the inquisitor’s stake
Comedy’s Phoenix

You’ve put on a gigantic t-shirt with the words “I like Trump, for realsies you guys.” and they somehow welcomed you into the flock.

Excellent article!

I am proud to say that I have more writing accolades than the “Society”, having once received bonus points at bar trivia for a limerick written on the spot.

I know it’s a dubious distinction to be the only author on the website that requires me to critically read to catch every single joke, but that’s why I adore your articles so damn much.

So they require every other line to rhyme, but they’ve somehow never heard of poetic meter?

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