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3 replies on “Upsetting Day: THE STIMULATOR”

I used to do Murder Mystery Dinner Theater shows in the mid-late 90’s and one of our locations had another room for solo shows with past their prime celebrities. The two spaces shared a backstage area, and through this I met Gallagher II as well. Also The Amazing Kreskin, Jimmie Walker, Michael Winslow, and my pride of them all, Frank Fucking Gorshin.

Once you start calling a piezoelectric grill lighter ‘natural’, I’m pretty sure you can claim cars are ‘natural’ movement or American cheese is natural ‘food’.

Also, holy crap, I thought Gallagher II was a joke. I had no idea he had a near identical somehow-how-not-twin brother. How was a not made aware of this sooner?!

You need to use the Stimulator directly on your brain. Then you will remember things you never knew.

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