Learning Day: Eat Great, Lose Weight!

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4 replies on “Learning Day: Eat Great, Lose Weight!”

Ah, every single cell in my body shouting “no! no! no!” at the dietary advice of somebody who is one step shy of citing “it was revealed to me in a dream.” What a wonderful feeling to wake up to!

This feels like it should be an upsetting day, as we learned that a b list celebrity can just make up health nonsense and package it for Midwestern moms hoping to lose a few pounds by swimsuit season.

Low key one of the most evil carny hot dogs described on this site. It isn’t a diet if you lie to yourself! Because that way it is your fault x2, both failing to lose weight and lacking the will to maintain the delusion.

Suzanne Somers is junked up on magic “bioidentical” hormones. She fucking sucks. Step By Step fucking sucks. Somehow made the Brady Bunch whiter. Her house burned down during the wild fire and that gives me pause about my understanding of the nature of the universe.

Thanks for nailing this one.

I thought that final magazine cover was Gary Busey’s face photoshopped onto Suzanne Somers’ body for at least ten seconds after I finished reading the headlines

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