Learning Day: How to Protect Yourself Until Police Arrive

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6 replies on “Learning Day: How to Protect Yourself Until Police Arrive”

I think this demonstrates that the only thing scarier to a cop than melanin is social consequence. The spectre of someone, somewhere saying that what they are doing isn’t ok glides about the back of their mind, whispering that no one cares about the chafing of their collars as the weak pull them back from sinking their fangs into crime.

Unless video games have lied to me (extremely doubtful), you always shoot the knife guy first because he’s faster and dodges to the side a lot. Then the shotgun guy because he didn’t shoot you because you were strafing the whole time obviously, and then pistol guy but with melee attacks for the achievements

As always, so very good. Thank you.

The Detective was wrong. Arrested Hearts is the better band name.

Oh and this was genius: “the classic debate between “these devices marketed through paranoia and designed only for killing are perfectly safe” vs. “hey, wait a minute.””

This book reads like a plea from a cop for civillians to save the murder for them. I’m extremely anti-gun and this dingong illustrated several situations where I shrug and go ‘well I mean a wing in the leg is KINDA survivable’. All that AND he makes sure to go ‘and if you shoot someone, make sure to never ever render first aid.’

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