Nerding Day: Everyone the Wonder Twins Rescued Should Be Dead – Bear Erotica 🌭

The Wonder Twins were two teenagers from the planet Exxor with amazing shapeshifting powers limited only by their imagination. They were also written by morons and drawn by Somalia’s lowest bidding animation detention center. This is a case I’ve made twice before, but I put it to you again, reader:

The following are real images from Season 2, Episode 26 of a real cartoon they showed to children in 1977. And not just any cartoon, but one that stopped every 8 minutes to give safety and science lessons.

This article was brought to you by our fine sponsor and Hot Dog Supreme: Dusty’s Rad Title, also known as Wonder Twins Dedication Derek.

9 replies on “Nerding Day: Everyone the Wonder Twins Rescued Should Be Dead – Bear Erotica 🌭”

i really relate to zan, as the neighbor who saw me as i was in the middle of damning our laundry room door to hell can attest

I feel this should come with a disclaimer that Seanbaby was not, in fact, named through the same process as the Dereks.

So, I may be wrong, but 90% of Wonder Twins conflicts could be resolved by ‘form of Tyrannosaurus’.

Thanks to Seanbaby, I now know most cartoons- and comics- made before approximately 1995 were just fucking kidding. They were written by men who wanted to get to lunch, and animators who were experiencing crimes. The Wonder Twins were here to be relatable to children, and mostly had the effect of generating some of the internets least interesting porn for maniacs. Thank you for your service.

Ostrich I thought was my sister Zan!? Holy shit. Glad I gave this a sober reread. Mazel tov. Mr. Baby. Opus as always.

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