Podcasting Day: WMAC Masters – A Man Can Dream with Merritt K 🌭

We’re talking with writer, game journalist, avid skeeter, and hot doggist Merritt K about 1995’s WMAC Masters, the live-action choreographed karate tournament television show for kids, possibly by kids. If children did not write this it was somebody de-aged by head injury, or possibly a reverse Big situation.

WMAC Masters takes place in a land of disposable ninjas, poser cyborgs, and martial arts magic. A world of irradiated wastelands and crushing pressure pits. Some call it… Universal Studios Florida. They stocked a theme park with gullible karate idiots and convinced them the outside world died, so they have to live their whole lives on this lot. Here, they fight. They win, they lose, they chat, they prank, they hang, they learn little life lessons, they have their hearts broken, they… fall in love?

This time it’s WMAC Masters Season One, Episode 5: A Man… Can Dream.

3 replies on “Podcasting Day: WMAC Masters – A Man Can Dream with Merritt K 🌭”

Arnold is the wrong sponsor and probably an expensive get. Popeye’s Steam Deck Forearm Jerk Trainer is the money product.

Seriously, give this acid-damaged man a column. If you think he needs more of a gimmick, pair him with a straight edge Christian skateboarder. You will get rich. You boys are about 50 now, huh? Tick-fucking-tock.

I keep forgetting to mention that the Monster Truck shout outs are the best yet. I’m guessing there’s a lot of work that goes into that, and I’m certain we all appreciate it. Thank you.

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