Podcasting Day: Threatin with Rodney Anonymous 🌭

This week on the Dogg Zzone 9000, we welcome the great Rodney Anonymous from The Dead Milkmen for a spectacular musical detective game we can only play this one time. Listen here! Or wherever you get podcasts!

It’s one of Seanbaby’s games, so it barely makes sense and requires a bit of explanation. To start, this is Threatin:

Threatin is a boy who faked a metal career with no foresight or guile. He made up lies like an ancient baby inventing the concept of deception. “I am a real musician,” he would post on Facebook. “You are my favorite real musician, I’m a beautiful woman,” he would then post on Facebook. “Me too, I’m a totally different one,” he would add, for several hours every day. Which leads us to our game:

Rodney Linderman, with his decades of music industry experience, and Robert Brockway, with his trapped raccoon-like cunning, will hear all these embarrassing details and try to match or out-lie Threatin at every stage of his phony career. Are they better liars than the worst dummy to ever try it? Or are we simply a part of the illusion? Gasp, What Even Is Truth?

On the bonus podcast, Patrons (please be one of those) can listen to Rodney and Brockway play a second, more tender game, where they compete to be The Kissmaster. It’s one of Seanbaby’s games, so the rules are erotic and the stakes are confusing. To put it another way, What is Kiss Master? We turned a terrible book about kissing into an international best friends kissing party. If you are reading this, you are now the kiss master.

Hey, speaking of grifters and beastly eroticism, there’s a new episode of BIGFEETS out this week! The podcast where Robert Brockway, Seanbaby, and Jason Pargin watch every single episode of Mountain Monsters, a show about hillbillies hunting cryptids and getting bested by them at every turn.

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The BIGFEETS podcast is one of those occasions where I feel like the universe made something specifically for me. Quick question: in Jamie’s excellent opening theme song, I can’t tell what one of the words is. It goes, “Don’t you dare get out of the golf cart, we can keep our _____ while we hunt some bigfeet!” Can somebody smarter than me help me out?

Copy/paste what you say here, from feeling catered in a way that is so goddamn affirming when you are a wierdo to the song being amazing and to confusion on the exact phrase uttered there.

Rodney Anonymous is the kind of guest that I am so excited about that I am going to brag to my wife about my third degree exposure. God, she is going to be so fucking jealous of me, even when she reads this and envy is diminished by exhaustion, still. I’m just pumped!

My friend used to run shows out of his house but he called it the Montrose Basement because, surprise, it was a basement on Montrose Road. ❀️ for that small venue I could see a show, get drunk, puke and pass out on a couch in. Memories brothers.

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