Podcasting Day: The President Goes to Heaven with Jamie Kelly 🌭

This week we’re joined by our own Jamie Kelly, the lady who makes us sound good and Bigfeets sound better, to discuss The President Goes to Heaven, a 2011… movie? Manifesto? A 2011 request for medical intervention by a mysterious maniac named cTom. It’s the story of a president who is bad and does a coma, but really it’s the story of poop, of revenge, of 9/11, of poop, of exploded firefighters, Islam, and poop. Before we get into all that, check out Jamie’s podcast, The Approximate Podcast! Actually, do that instead of listening to this.

No really, you should go.

You’ll live to regret this.

One reply on “Podcasting Day: The President Goes to Heaven with Jamie Kelly 🌭”

Haven’t listened to the ep yet, but had the movie on in the background while getting near the end of bg3. I dunno, the acting seemed pretty good for a middle school play but 9/11 trutherism suggests that maybe it got bit by 2004 youtube?

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