Hot Dog Appreciation Day

Hot Dog Appreciation Day: The Double Plot

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8 replies on “Hot Dog Appreciation Day: The Double Plot”

Man, I really need to set a calendar to know to avoid these days. Even when I am fortunate enough to be concluded, my immediate reaction to them is to start a full touring performance of misappropriated ego theatre, with the contributions of the vibrant community here seen only through the lens of alienation and isolation.

My other solutions are to stop being crazy (I swear I am working so fucking hard at this like every day) or to stop making comments or visiting the discord until I have experienced the type of healing that would make me normal, but I genuinely enjoy blurping out hypertext to the articles here and I don’t think negation of my own joy is a path forward. Similarly, isolating myself from others and finding ways to define myself as the “weirdo in the weirdo community” (to borrow a phrase from one of the site owners) has never done anything for me besides metastasising into resentment and renewed self-loathing.

In short, have you considered adding bulbs or upvotes/downvotes to the comment sections? I think that would probably fix me but good.

Hey man, if you enjoy posting long comments, then post them. Sometimes they will be featured, sometimes they won’t. But people do read them. I’m happy that I found a little community of dorky weirdos who laugh at my jokes. You are all winners to me.

Sorry, I meant to say wieners.

I think it is plain to see that I have neither the restraint nor emotional management necessary to stop doing what I do. I just think that in a sane society I would be too busy employed in something suiting my skills (sorting bottles maybe or testing which bars of metal are forehead proof) until all utility was drained to be doing whatever the fuck emotional oil spill this is.

This reminds me, I have a single plot in Kingman, Arizona. Dad paid $250 for it then disappeared after dying which I did not know was an option but is awesome. The plot is conveniently located across the street from my childhood orthodontist. Interesting trades considered.

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