Upsetting Day: Bill Cosby’s Childhood

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7 replies on “Upsetting Day: Bill Cosby’s Childhood”

And to think someone’s out there still thinking slenderman is horrifying. Guy’s a teddy bear compared to this.

β€œ Kidding. I have plenty of love for Jefferson. At the end of the day, he’s family.”


Yeah! Dennard sneaks in some horrifically cold lines here and in all of his articles. I’m not clever enough to catch all of them, but my eyes widened there too. =P

This was terrific. Everything Dennard does is great but this one was amazing. Great premise, great opening, great jokes, great visuals. Thank you!

>Hannibal Buress was less like Van Helsing, and more like Dib.

Not to be exceedingly weird, but I feel we’d be good friends. This reference made my heart happy.

Old Gods drawing plans on napkins is the funniest thing Dennard has ever said, and that’s saying something.

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