Upsetting Day: Urge

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3 replies on “Upsetting Day: Urge”

I feel the same way about Pierce, and reading “you would think ‘he played James Bond when Alex Schmidt was a child’ would win folks over” really laid bare my reasons for it. Keep fighting the good fight, fellow Bronsnaniac!

Schmitty! I need to to watch and write about the Owen Wilson / Pierce Brosnan film “No Escape” and also I apologize in advance

I watched the trailer for Urge before I read the article (which to be clear was great), hoping it would be more like the gritty, 50s redneckless reboot of Porky’s, and less “Shit Kevin Sorbo would inflict on us these days”.
Only way I could be more disappointed would be watching a shot-by-shot remake of “My Dinner with Andre” that starred Sly Stallone and Jackie Chan after watching a trailer for it made of spliced together clips from Rambo and Operation Condor.

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