Upsetting Day: Renovo Storytellers

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8 replies on “Upsetting Day: Renovo Storytellers”

I look forward to Donna Kshir’s next book being called: Renovo Storytellers: Upsetting Day: Renovo Storytellers with a badly copy and pasted photo of Seanbaby on the front

The ghost being Harry Houdini is a real hat on a hat, and one that makes the story so much worse. You already know Houdini is dead, so the Big Reveal loses its impact. Then again I’m not an NNPAAW Award (2012-2018) winner, so what do I know.

I’m so excited at the possibility of ‘Joe’ showing up again to say that this is a terrible and inaccurate review, that it’s all the editor’s fault anyway, and that this is all easily verifiable if you check Barnes and Noble’s website.

Anybody else catch the red flag that Houdini’s grave is in Queens, NY over 250 miles from Renovo, PA?

Have you ever tried to make a window trap using an unsupported safety pin? It’s the worst kind of pin for making a trap with.

Just a tip for now hotdogers like me. Don’t miss the link at the start to the other Seanbaby article. It’s also full of hilarious lunacy, resurrects a dead Cracked article and has a surprising twist in the comments (which will actually make you understand all the “Joe” references in here by the way).

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