Teamworking Day: Double Red Lucky

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Re: comic book ads, one of my favorite managers did send away for a monkey as a child, and they did in fact send her a real live young spider monkey, which she adored and did her level best to take care of despite the instructions sheet that came with it being about as detailed as any of the product descriptions in this article. It bit her so often she started wearing gloves to avoid her mother noticing, but one day her mother told her to remove her gloves at the dinner table, and after one look at her hands the monkey was taken to a pet store the next day, presumably alongside all the mail order turtles and the alligators that didn’t get flushed.

“My name is Irma P. Royall and I have put this charge on my Target Circle card in honor of my dog, whose name is Pay Me Now Dog & Floor Wash. I worry about the increasing obsolescence of age. Five stars.”

holy shit ive spit coffe out of my nose on that one

Don Dinero is the name Don Diebel gives seven minutes before being bodily thrown out of a Tijuana brothel

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