Upsetting Day: Word Chewing

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5 replies on “Upsetting Day: Word Chewing”

I’ve read articles about spunk cookbooks, nazi satanic cults taking over quiet cul-de-sacs, a Garfield cult that devolved into a volcel apocalypse, and Malibu comics, but this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on this site. Take my goddamn money Swaim! I will masturbate, but sadly.

some people here are moving like theyre keyframed and then some people are just holding their lips weird and talking. i hope the glowing guy shreds The Paul with his teeth for his mediocre insincere offerring

You know those lovecraftian museums in the 1900s full of oddities like a shrunken head from the Amazonia, a petrified egg from a giant bird or a cursed egyptian amulet? Well 1900HotDog is like that museums and this small group of very talented writers are like the brave explorers who venture into depths of human madness never knowing if they´ll make out alive. Thanks for the unnerving but fun article.

I love/hate that no matter what I try, one of these gifs is always on my screen. The text is perfectly sized that I can’t escape this monstrosity.

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