Upsetting Day: Clown Ministry Skits for All Seasons

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9 replies on “Upsetting Day: Clown Ministry Skits for All Seasons”

Christianity and clowns are two of my least-favorite things and mixing them is like mixing chlorine and bleach. Hoooh man.

God it must suck to be so Pentecostal that the only entertainment you get is either this or getting bitten by a rattlesnake.

Hey ambulance driver, can you slow down? I’m afraid the hospital will have the rattlesnake antivenin on hand and they’ll send me back in time to catch the third act of the clown show. Maybe we can go through the Pizza Hut drivethru and kill some time arguing about this expired Supreme Deal coupon. My hand hasn’t gotten too swollen yet.

Yeah, no need for the sirens on this one bud. I’m just going to lay back, enjoy the morphine, and gibber incoherently as a way to zen out.

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