Hot Dog Year in Review: The Very Best Friending Days of 2021 🌭

Our talented and hilarious friends made some amazing art in 2021, and there were so many! Our little Hot Dog Family really grew into something formidable this year. It’s time to start a small army, or maybe an average-sized funk band. 

Man Kicks Horse in the Penis 

“Help us make sense of our ruined society,” Brockway requested of Jason Pargin’s new column. “Can it be about horse dicks, instead of that?” Seanbaby requested of Jason Pargin’s new column. “Yes,” Jason Pargin answered. And then there was only the soft slapping of shoe leather on cock.

The Crusaders 

Jack Chick is most famous for making tiny comic books that are completely insane. Brendan found out something incredible: He also made big comic books that are completely insane!

Kickin’ Jeans Action Pants 

What’s a gusset? Good question. Let the loose crotch of Alex Schmidt’s jeans explain with an unrestricted kick to your face.

The Maverik Grill Eatin’ Review 

Sissyneck is the most inspiring Hot Dog story of 2021, aside from that dog that saves babies from fires. He went from regular commenter to insane commenter, from insane commenter to Hot Dog author, from Hot Dog author to insane Hot Dog author. And he did it all fueled on 1700 calorie biscuit sandwiches while battling gas station diarrhea. If you don’t believe in miracles, read this. You will.


Caution: unauthorized user, Tom Reimann, has doublefragged the cyber mainframe and is releasing nude_Crowe_Face.exe from its virtual containment. LEVEL OMEGA WARNING: NUDE CROWE FACE HAS ENTERED YOUR WORLD.