Punching Day: Man Comics Presents… Pouch Hopfucker!

From the shattered remains of an era where narrative arcs were punches and punches were men! Ladies, your loins are medically unprepared for Man Comics! MAN COMICS! MAN COMICS!!!

5 replies on “Punching Day: Man Comics Presents… Pouch Hopfucker!”

Thank you and fuck you for this glorious issue of Man Comics. Thank for returning the Master to us. We’ve waited so long. And Punchmaster for the go-home? Amazing. And fuck you for making me literally squeal while reading my phone in bed when I realized the Master had returned. That shits hard to explain to one’s wife.

PUNCHMASTER!!!!!! Tears of joy are streaming down my face. If I could choose how I leave this mortal coil one day it would be to have Punchmaster pummel me into oblivion.

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