Teamworking Day: Hausu

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12 replies on “Teamworking Day: Hausu”

Count me in as one of those 46 greasiest fans who’s into this shit. I’m still heartbroken over Kung-fu’s death.

Haha. You’ve found me out, no doubt to your Large detective skills. Onward! The stink hunt waits for no man. Am I a father?

Look around you, man. The society… it’s too late for the society. Bring on the Duets scale, I say; it’s the only thing that makes sense in these troubled times.

My… brain…

Seriously though, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Large. Very very large.

No rave reviews or inclusions in the Criterion Collection made me interested in this movie, but this? This sends it to the top of my list.

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