Not Upsetting Day: The Podcast Launch! 🌭

Heads up, Hot Dog enthusiasts: We’ve got big news! Today is not Upsetting Day! We scheduled this announcement ironically, like calling a big guy “Tiny,” or Joe Rogan “sexually viable.” Yes, this is the opposite of Upsetting Day, because today marks the official launch of our podc-

Today is Upsetting Day.

No, damn it! 

Topper can’t take this from us. Today sees the launch of the official 🌭1-900-HOTDOG🌭 podcast, Dogg Zzone 9000, available at this link, or wherever fine podcasts are sold.

That’s right, no more must you make do with those shoddy unlicensed knock-off Hot Dog podcasts, this here highly-processed tube of soundmeat is formally endorsed by the jokewranglers at 1-900-HOTD-

Topper! Fuck! F-fucking… fuck you! Fuck you hard in the soft parts, Topper.

Listen, we are extremely excited about the new podcast. In it, we explore some topics we’ve already Hot Dogged, but from new angles, with new jokes, and while bringing new information we weren’t able to cover with just 1200 words plus one weird photoshop. But mostly I’m excited that you finally get to listen to our theme song, done by the very sexually viable Auralnauts. Even if you’re not a podcast fan, you’re going to want to fire this sucker up and hear that theme song. In just 43 short seconds, you’ll absorb a full 600 IU dose of awesome to your ear and face areas, as both doctors and professors of the Badical Sciences recommend. 

Can you… can you guys share this podcast as much as possible? We really need to get to that stretch goal where we fucking fire Topper. 

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After all these decades of laughter, I did not expect Seanbaby’s voice to sound like that. Loved the podcast. Thanks you guys.

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