Classic Remaster – Brockway’s MC and Seanbaby’s CYODFMA

Once, long ago, there was a comedy website that only wanted three simple things: to make people laugh, to teach them a few things, and to make enough money to buy the Gymkata zombie village. It succeeded in two of those goals, before getting piledriven into the dirt by corporate scavengers. Some of its archives have been deleted, some of them have been corrupted, and some just suck. You decide which one this is. It’s…

Brockway: This all began when Seanbaby and Brockway got into a drunken fistfight three nights ago over which was the superior Voltron (Seanbaby rightly insisted it was Lion Voltron, while Robert argued for Vehicle Voltron, knowing in his heart that he was wrong). Long story short: Brockway lost so badly that he ended up having to do Seanbaby’s job for a week while Seanbaby, in turn, gets to defile Robert’s most prized creation. Enjoy the suffering of a broken man, monsters!

Seanbaby: This week, fellow columnist Brockway has agreed to swap his best-known satirical creation with mine. For comedy writers, this is a lot like giving each other’s women breast exams: awesome and medically revealing. Can Brockway’s testicles withstand the man-pounding action of my Man Comics? Can my brain withstand the psychological trap door of his Choose Your Own Drug-Fueled Misadventures? Will our stupider readers be helplessly confused and send us the wrong death threats? Let’s find out:

Brockway’s followup note: Luckily we both said “I wish we could just switch back!” at the same time in front of that magic fountain, or we’d still be trapped in the wrong bodies. Boy, I really learned something about how hard it is to be Seanbaby! No seriously, that comic took me like fucking fifty hours to make. You do not know how hard Seanbaby works. This was such a terrible idea and I regret it to this day.

Seanbaby’s followup note: Giggle!

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This was like waking up on Christmas, finding out you have two dads, and both of them showed up with presents for you and judo for everyone else.

Brockway’s only misstep was using a font where the letter f looks like the letter s. Or perhaps this is part of his genius.

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