How to Catch Fairies

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9 replies on “How to Catch Fairies”

Dear Mr.’s Seanbaby and Brockway. Though I’ve been nigh unrelenting in my advocacy for a black T-shirt with white print doing Joseph Grimaldi 11,11 a la Austin 3:16, please consider this formal notification that a shirt with “Apples are underworld fruits full of magick and power” would also more than suffice. I don’t know where you find this shit, but it makes my day every time. So awesome.

I’m pretty sure Gilly is confusing apples with potatoes.

This is the least of the things she’s confused about, granted, but it also seems like the least problematic of them to address.

Party Goblin and the Mountain Feeling comin’ atcha every weekday morning on FM 96.3!

Those other books of hers on going to be this weeks fucking day, right?

If you guys need me, I’ll be naked in the woods, my shirt nailed to a tree.

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