Classic Remaster – Dumb Things White People Think About Other Races

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6 replies on “Classic Remaster – Dumb Things White People Think About Other Races”

I still remember the day I realized Cracked was truly dead. Iā€™d taken a break from it for a few years while I focused on college, and when I came back there was a pro-Scientology article on the front page.

I remember being away for awhile and coming back and EVERYTHING at cracked was doing the work stuff but el Senor Seanbaby. And politics and beliefs aside, I just dont like preachy TED talk comedy. But I tried to stick with it, went away again, then came back to find like these horrible articles about just shitty things like the comeback of Mr. Peanut and I was like wow, now it went from crusading to a lumbering skull fucked corporate mummy of unfuniness. Then Reddit showed me the way of the hotdog, and my life rules again.

I tried, friend. Went through five pages of search results on cracked and can’t find it. Don’t know if it’s been deleted or just buried under a mountain of more popular articles.

This is some sophisticated shit Mr. Brockway. No memory of this article but I love the thread narrative. Please share more of your aged hotdog meat with us!

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