Karate for Snakes

“Take this book! It’s too late for me!” screamed the man who leapt through my window. I nodded, mistaking these for the words of a dying man. Instead, he remained alive, saying many, many more things as the night turned into morning. Along with the book, he gave me his life story and several apologies for the window before he left. Still, I’d like you to imagine how chilling and mysterious it would have been if he had thrust this book into my hands with his last breath.

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it says something about the trove of terrible books seanbaby owns that i couldn’t be sure if this was a real book or a joke one until page 4

This book needs to be in print so I can buy copies and put them on the shelves in the library.

Ways to kill snake ideas

Paint a door on a wall
Insult its momma a lot
Teach it to read and then have it read all of herman Melville’s billy Budd Sailor boy
Hold its mouth and say quit biting yourself”

This has got to be book that taught JCVD how to beat up that snake in the movie where that was a thing that happened.

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