Podcasting Day: Comics Are Stupid Rad with Brendan McGinley 🌭

Nerds! Others! Come listen to EpiSSoDDe FiVVe of The Dogg Zzone 9000, the official podcast of the popular jokes n’ fun browser-page, Seanbaby and Brockway are joined by gentleman bastard, Brendan McGinley, comic expert and author to help explain the insanity, awesomeness, and goddamn stupidity of comic books.

From the Golden Age, Brendan brings us The Puppeteer, a gentle carver of puppets who works as a Puppeteer selling puppets of The Puppeteer, yet he hides a secret– he is actually the crimefighter and falconer known as The Puppeteer!

From the Modern Age, Brockway takes us on a journey through the mind of a tortured, moronic comic writer trying to make sense of his own script as he tackles organized religion using the best tool to do that — a teleporting elf! It’s one of many things inconceivably written by the comic’s disgraced and dumb-as-fuck author, Chuck Austen!

And from the Bronze Age, Seanbaby talks about the greatest story in the history of literature: The Time All the Avengers Died and Had to Fight Each Other and Also Dracula for the Fate of the Universe.

And of course, Dogg Zzone Ffans, Brendan and Brockway face off in the high-stakes world of SeanBBaby’s BOOk GGame. Who can plan the saddest meal for one in their Microwave? Their instincts, along with the recipes of tragic culinary fishwife, Sonia Allison, will decide! They’re doing battle inside MICROWAVE FOR ONE!

Microwave a nice fish on high for 4 minutes and join us! Don’t forget to subscribe and review, wherever you get podcasts!

7 replies on “Podcasting Day: Comics Are Stupid Rad with Brendan McGinley 🌭”

Oh man, Seanbaby talking about Thor and his brother takes me right back to that one Cracked article with Shark Thor and underage drinking.

Oh shit, that’s Chamber from Generation X! He’s my second favorite obscure 90s comic character right behind Nate “X-Man” Grey

I’ve got beef in the microvae: who won Seanbaby’s Book Game? Was that an official tie ending?

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