The Dark Twist of Devil Stick

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13 replies on “The Dark Twist of Devil Stick”

“Neil Stammer, a talented juggler with an international reputation, was recently arrested in Nepal and returned to New Mexico to face child sex abuse charges.”

He’s doing 54 years for child molestation!

In retrospect it’s not surprising, but it does take some of the fun out of the article. Why you dorks always gotta touch kids? Can’t you just be a mockable dork and allow the world that joy?

I’m not surprised he was arrested for molesting a child, I’m surprised he’s internationally known enough to be caught in Nepal.

Exactly! Ok, gun to your head, name three internationally renowned jugglers!

What..all you’ve got is Neil ‘Devil Dick’ Stammer?

Didn’t know Kyle McLaughlin led an alternate life as the world’s leading deviler of sticks.

I’m not going to lie and say that the Juggler-to-Pedophile plot twist of this man’s life was unexpected, but I will absolutely say that I never would’ve expected Nepal of all places to hide. I don’t even know the last time I read the name Nepal that wasn’t a Batman comic.

My beloved wife makes, what seem to me to be, batshit claims. She once told me that juggling is the most powerful way to improve brain power. Do you think she might also be a supervillain?

Now I am scared to go to bed.

You should be. One minute you’re drifting off peacefully, the next she’s deviling your stick, man!

She may or may not be a supervillain. But, sadly, according to all of the available data she may be a child molester, and is certainly a murderer. All clowns are The Minotaur, Bud.

Two replies in one: Joseph, I said wife, (of twenty years) no stick deviling happens without a schedule. Am I right dudes?
Project: I really love the wayback reference. There is no way out of the labyrinth.

I always thought the dirty hippies hijacked this sport. This was a very readable little article. I liked it.

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