Kung Fu for Girls

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5 replies on “Kung Fu for Girls”

That crushing ball-kick illustration is so brutal it seemed to have broken the 1900 Hotdog website, but all seems well now. At least until I look at that illustration again. But I probably wont! Or will I?!

Ah to be reminded of a simpler time when cellphones could be used as cudgels.

This was definitely made exclusively for the snugglefudging market. Just a hunch.

For a second I saw that Author Bio and was all like LOOK OUT LYDIA THERE’S A KARATE GUY and then I looked harder and realized that was actually the hole in space where the Karate Guy _was_ but no longer is because he messed with Lydia and went to Karate Hell.
Don’t worry, though. Karate Hell is almost exactly the same as Karate Heaven.

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