Podcasting Day: People Who Became the Best Parodies of ThemselvesšŸŒ­

Today, in the Dogg Zzone 9000 Podcast, we are joined by our dear friend Jason Pargin, author of Zoey Punches the Future in the Dick. We talk about what happens after a celebrity loses control of their schtick. At what point does a person become a parody of themself? Do they know? Do they care? Who do we blame for Steven Seagal, shown here after you Google his name with the word carrot?

We discuss the rise, fall, fall, fall, fall, and incredible financial success of Dennis Miller– the first and only comedian to be exiled from Twitter for being bad at tweeting after he typed this:

How can that Tweet be? How can our mothers live on a world that allowed it? We do our best to figure it out and Jason and Brockway face off in a Seanbaby’s Book Gameā„¢ where they listen to real Dennis Miller quotes and guess if Sean actually made them up. “THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE,” said participant Jason Pargin!

And speaking of face offs and the impossible, in our bonus episode we talk about the fun version of celebrity self-parody gone out of control: Nicolas Cage. Patrons can listen to it in our Discord, and as you do so, here is the behind-the-scenes shot of John Travolta and Nicolas Cage saying crazy shit to each other during Face/Off. And here is Nicolas Cage when you Google his name with the word jacket:

And, of course, here is Nicolas Cage with all of the patches replaced with Steven Seagal eating a carrot:

Enjoy the podcast! Subscribe! Leave a review! Eat a carrot!

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Struggling to get on Discord to listen to the rest of the episode, if anyone is able and willing to help me out.

Thanks Brockway! You may or may not remember me whining about not having access to the bonussodes, turns out I was too stupid to figure it out. This helps.

Also, I have been on the road, missing my own little girl. The song at the end by Rebel brought me happy tears! Thanks for that!!!

I finally understood that “Jedi b-team” tweet. Basically: Dennis Miller thinks that the White House press corps consists of the same young, aspiring, journalists who write clickbait articles about viral commercials for HuffPo, and that their employer, presumably sent them back to headquarters the cheapest possible way, so that they could get back to writing about those viral commercials again.

Explaining That Tweet:

Dennis Miller thinks that the White House press corps consists of young, aspiring, journalists “(The young Jedi B-team”), and that their employer, being very cheap and/or broke, sent them back to headquarters, (“to their real jobs”), the cheapest possible way, (“Groupon comp Lyfted”), so that they could get back to writing about viral (“unctuous”) truck commercials.

This joke is perfectly understandable after careful analysis. Unfortunately, it is also completely fucking stupid, because:

– The White House press corps consists of seasoned journalists who have worked their way up to this beat (at least, it did, before Trump). Nobody with a White House press pass is going to be covering truck ads. Those assignments are limited to writers at
– Even the shittiest jedi has a lightsaber that can cleave you in half. Calling them the “jedi b-team” is like saying they’re the “interstellar SEAL team seven”.
– All commercials ever are “unctuous”. It’s just a word that means “overly flattering”. Unless you’re very bad at advertising, or you’re the kind of subversive genius who can come up with the Volkswagen “lemon” campaign (babe!).
– No clickbait journalist gives a shit about whatever the fuck truck kick-plates are. No joke here, because I’m less knowledgeable about the subject than Dennis Miller is about how well people on welfare live.

Also, I am a bald loser who calls himself a “writer”, but at least I only spend $139 a month on online porn, since it’s mostly free. Mostly.

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