Upsetting Day: 101 Things to Make Her Wet

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25 replies on “Upsetting Day: 101 Things to Make Her Wet”

Ya know, Godek writes better than this nutbar. Friggin’ Greg goddamned Godek. This guy writes like he was found in a kryptonian spacepod, and not the good Superman one, the garbage one.

Humans couldn’t get something instinctive this wrong, and I do sex to people all the time.

Actually, I’m not entirely unconvinced that this isn’t just what happens if you put a Godek book through Google Translate, translate it into Polish, and then translate the Polish version back into English. Think about it, what phrase describes Godek’s gross dick better than “generally pubic mound”?

This book was equal parts sad, disgusting, and hilarious. I feel like I need to wash my nipple fingers.

This book is obviously a false flag from the abstenance only folks to make people afraid of sex.

This is an Infocom Invisiclues book for “Rich Corinthian Leather Goddesses of Uranus”, isn’t it.

This is the funniest thing Seanbaby has every written, except the toys from a Chinese corner market.

With the writing in this book, how can we be sure half the book wasn’t about Chinese toys?

I feel the page about massaging her head until she needs mechanical stimulation may be the only accurate entry. Follow this book, and a vibrator or other machine is the only way she’s getting off.

Seanbaby: “Mario Corelli’s 101 THINGS TO MAKE HER WET is a very special-”

My wife: “HE’S the murderer!”

The General Lee Pubic Mound in South Lick, VA is the one Confederate memorial even the SPLC has designated “too erotic” to dismantle.

Holy shit. I think to myself Seanbaby can’t possibly surprise me again, and then generally pubic mound. Amazing.

I’m using a Faith build and it blows that so few things have a weakness to suck, it’s basically just the base game boss fights and then what? Suck an inner elbow? You’ll be back to caressing in no time, even if it’s a bit boring to spam

I read this to my wife, thinking she might find it funny, but the way her eyes widened when she hissed “directly icing my clitoris WILL NOT BRING IT TO A BOIL!” was terrifying. Lesson learned.

I haven’t laughed like this since the first time I was shown in the early 00’s. Bless you sir! By the warty, nipple-fingered God speaking through Mario Corelli, bless you.

‘Corner the Mons Pubis and threaten its family, I will open for you like a rose to sunlight’

From Mario Corelli’s Amazon profile, accompanied by a photo (he appears to be a fifteen year old Eastern European boy with acne):

I used to wonder what I would regret. Things I didn’t do or things I did. The answer was obvious. You regret things that you haven’t done.

That is why I decided to create a series of 101 things books. Wondering what you could have done when you were a child? Maybe you are a child Maybe you have or will have a child. These are the books that will help you learn and see what needs to be done.

In the series of books you will find everything for children, women and men. I would like to know your opinion? Maybe you’ll add something to the 101 things I’ve created.

greetings and good luck, Mario

Suggested Amazon reviews for this book:

“If a Moldovan parasitic fungus grew hands it would write a better sex advice book than this, and have a better grasp of the English language.”

“This author writes like he’s throwing sex dice to randomly replace every verb and noun in an instruction manual for an industrial sausage stuffing machine.”

My God, this is beautiful. I’ve learned how to love again, even if only for a short while.

Deep in the catacombs of Hotdog I probe the site for the first time. Long time listener, first time caller. I pray to John Matrix I set this up right.

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