Hot Dog Year in Review: The Very Best of Punching Days 2021 🌭

This is the punchingest of all possible Punching Days, where we look back on all the best punches of 2021. There was jab! Roundhouse! Oh man, you guys remember left straight? Holy shit, uppercut – this was your year!

Lash Larue

There’s such an exciting backstory to this one, and we can’t wait to tell it. It started in the Golden Age of cinema when Hollywood whip legend, Lash Laru– CONK!

Self-Improvement, Self-Defense, Self-Help, Self-Care for Girls and Women

Liddy found a book about lady madness which ended up also being about lady martial arts after its author photocopied a different book and added it to the end of the first one. You will for be enjoying this book, book, book for girls (c) 2021 Original Books Publishing & Human Traffic.

Sister Sensei

Dave Seeger had one idea: Karate. This idea scraped against every last corner of his brain, adding elements of non-Karate to its bubbling Karate mass until all of it burst from his mind in the form of an action movie kid’s cartoon screwball comedy. It’s both everything and only Karate. It’s Sister Sensei from the creators of Karate Rap.

Unshattered Love: The Novelization of Shatterhand

A cybernetic man punches through bullets and enemies. His world explodes. A man turns his story into a book. His world also explodes. In the end, every shatter punch is a love story.

Malibu Comics’ Street Fighter – The Comic

If you’re familiar with the ’90s, you know there was no failure condition for adapting video game source material. We all agreed, as a people, if your TV show, comic book, or movie was based on a game, it could be any combination of terrible and deranged ideas. Malibu comics set out to prove that wrong and here’s the crazy thing– they did!

4 replies on “Hot Dog Year in Review: The Very Best of Punching Days 2021 🌭”

I am not going to interrupt my current re-read through the archives (I’m in the halcyon days of mid-2020 that we all have such nostalgia for) to click these lovely articles, but I will say that it was the Year in Review last year that convinced me to sign on to the Patreon and I linked them to friends who did the same.

In a sucky time, the sub I got (including listening – and relistening 2x so far – to the podcasts/bonus podcasts) was a pretty fantastic investment in my own delight. Thank you very much, Hot Dogx.

For the $15 a month I pay for Netflix, or new video games going to $70 a pop, 1900 Hotodog truly is a great entertainment value.

“It’s Sister Sensei from the creators of Karate Rap” is a sentence that sounds somehow sarcastic.

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