Learning Day: Live Wild & Slow, Part 1

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9 replies on “Learning Day: Live Wild & Slow, Part 1”

Paired in the companion book with careful observation of the movements of wild animals with the seasons. Watch the signs. But like, slowly.

I foolishly took up the challenge posed in bold text at the beginning, deciding on “chew fifty times before you swallow” and “wear mismatching socks.” I should have anticipated something stupider, but still never would’ve beaten the nuclear, annihilatory idiocy of “lounge.” It’s clear now that any rational human is doomed to lose such a competition against Kipfer, as surely and violently as Baby Hands’s defeat by the claws of Treachery. I’ve yet to internalize all the lessons of the 🌭, but I’m learning.

You know, the “recite the migratory patterns of your favorite animal” thing sounds like something WikiHow would suggest to make people think you’re WEIRD or RANDOM, too. I’m glad that Barbara Ann Kipfer’s influence extends outside of simple books of lists.

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