Learning Day: Live Wild & Slow, Part 2

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4 replies on “Learning Day: Live Wild & Slow, Part 2”

Let’s be fair for a minute (just one). barbara ann kipfer knows better than to capitalize her name.

Barbara Ann Kipfer inhabits a realm north-northeast of the suburbanite vampire trio, far to the west of Carl McCready, and just south of the concussed zen master. The sun is a giant bratwurst. By the time the master’s wisdom dribbles down his mountain to pool at Barbara’s feet it is rank and putrid. It cannot be the passage of time that putrefies it, for time does not exist here. Something inside Barbara Ann Kipfer accomplishes it by its mere presence. The ground is saturated with so much toxic waste. “Mud” Barbara Ann Kipfer observes. “Slow or wild?” she “thinks.” A migratory bird lands in the mire only to be immediately swallowed by it, and the thing inside Barbara knows the answer to be both. Barbara chews her own tongue into a paste. “Slowly” she tells herself. “Slowly” the thing agrees.

I went back to every entry and applied the Terminator 2 Miles Dyson append. It worked every time.

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