Hot Dog Year in Review: The Very Best Upsetting Days of 2021 🌭

2021 was, above all, a deeply Upsetting Year. There were hate crimes and impending wars, the looming threat of fascism at home and abroad, a couple new plagues, we think there was a meteor? Was there a meteor in there? How better to meet an Upsetting Year than with even more Upsetting Days? You are in our house now, 2021. Take off your shoes because there will be foot stuff.

Sanford and Evans Double Feature 

A Doris Sanford and Graci Evans children’s book brainstorming meeting goes like this: “Here’s an idea: Sad divorce. Wait, no. I’m AIDS David. Watch me die after I lose everything. Wait, no, I went to a Satan daycare and definitely watched a chicken fucking ritual. You know what? Let’s do all of them.”


Anime is weird, sure, but what’s the upper limit of that weird? Sucking souls out of assholes? No? What if we told you they were little turtle kids. Still no? Jesus Christ, man. I guess… enjoy this very ordinary article then.

Poopsie Slime Surprise 

In January 2021, Lydia discovered sexy baby poop toys and was very moved by how they honor the dead. “Remember me like this,” she whispered as she saw the fallen Ruth Bader Ginsburg surrounded by happy, colorful turds. “Yes, come closer,” the best poop friends whispered back.

The Lawnmower Man 

This article is only about the chimp scene from The Lawnmower Man. It first must be about everything else in order to deserve to be about the chimp scene from The Lawnmower Man, but in the end it is only about the chimp scene from The Lawnmower Man.

Satanic Ritual Abuse – A Therapist’s Handbook 

No cute description here. Bare facts: This is the craziest thing Seanbaby has ever written about. Did you feel that? It was the universe trembling. Whether out of fear or arousal is anybody’s guess, so we guess both.

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