Upsetting Day: Before You Leap

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5 replies on “Upsetting Day: Before You Leap”

Feminist cancel culture once again comes for the hardest working Americans. Kermit’s an asshole? He worked hard to entertain millions! He gave those rats a job and the opportunity to work for something great, but Rizzo had to be a typical entitled leftist and go on strike because lazy rats don’t want to work.

Yeah! He worked his way up from doing Folgers commercials to being a millionaire, and anyone who brings up that he got those gigs because the CEO was a literal tree frog in a suit is just trying to smear a hard working entrepreneur!

This is definitely an unnecessary book. Pushing right wing ideas under the guise of self-help advice in Kermit the Frog’s voice is already Jordan Peterson’s shtick.

It’s true what they say: never meet your heroes. Learning that Kermit was such a one percenter is painful on multiple levels. #IStandWithRizzo

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