Podcasting Day: Christian Dinosaurs with Katie Goldin! 🌭

It’s a very special religious studies Dogg Zzone 9000, as foretold by Abraham who beget fish which is the Hebrew word for maybeseamonster. We’re joined by science-brained superguest, Katie Goldin, from the Creature Feature Podcast to go through an entire subsection of Sean’s library – Christian Dinosaur Apologetics. She is very frustrated by it!

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We used four books as a primer – What is CREATION SCIENCE? by Henry M. Morris and Gary E. Parker, The Great Dinosaur Mystery SOLVED! by Ken Ham, DINOSAURS: THE BIBLE BARNEY & BEYOND by Phil Phillips, and DINOSAURS: Exploring the Scientific Mysteries of God’s Creation by Michael and Caroline Carroll. They don’t all agree on why the Bible got everything wrong, but they all agree it’s the only thing that’s right! Again, Katie found this reasoning very irritating.

Once a general knowledge base was established, we moved on to three enlightening texts. We began with DINOSAURS AND THE BIBLE by Brian Thomas to learn how ancient holy men really only had one word and it meant everything from hippo to quetzalcoatlus.

Next up we read Dinosaurs and the Bible by Ralph O. Muncaster to learn more about how secular dummies are so stupid. Katie was not thrilled with his scientific conclusions.

And finally, we completed our studies with DINOSAURS and the Bible by David Unfred. David Unfred wants to see us all burn, whereupon he and God, Our Loving God, will laugh at the mountains of our ashen bones.

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6 replies on “Podcasting Day: Christian Dinosaurs with Katie Goldin! 🌭”

Christianity With Dinosaurs is exactly the kind of religion I could actually get behind.

I feel terrible for any children who were taught that dinosaur fossils are just a decoy that God left out to test your faith, because dinosaurs are clearly the best thing God would have ever created. If you’re saying that God *didn’t* create the T. Rex, why the fuck would I worship Him?

I was promised an illustration of a man sprouting dicks all over his body.

Exactly! One with a fedora made of beetles or something. I was expecting more from the amazing Katie Golden.

5 Stars for making me want something I didn’t know existed prior.

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