Podcasting Day: Dumber than Real with Hana Michels! 🌭

It’s Podcasting Day and we’re lucky enough to have momentarily lassoed Professional Whirlwind of Chaos, Hana Michels! Follow her on Twitter to track her path of destruction, and check out her Etsy store to buy some cat anuses (see: whirlwind of chaos). We knew the instant we got boring Hana would tip over all of our shelves and start a small fire, so we played a trivia game with her

If you have cheap shelves or are interested in some with fire damage, please contact us. 

It’s time for-

The rules are simple: they’re in the podcast! Why would you need to know them now? This board doesn’t work. It’s just a picture. Go listen to the thing, then subscribe to the thing and review the thing.



3 replies on “Podcasting Day: Dumber than Real with Hana Michels! 🌭”

Saw some guy being a dick about the podcast a while back so thought I’d leave my counter experience.

The podcast was how I first heard about you guys, via twitter, listened to it and decided to become a patron. And am very glad I did.

So from this one user thanks for doing the podcast!

The immediacy to which the answers to the grapple category came to me in all their resplendently dumb glory, haunts me in retrospect.

The explanation for the Mae Young hand thing that I subscribe to, after hearing it from some shoot interview years ago, is that Vince McMahon – famously a bastard son raised in a North Carolina trailer park before being lifted to his wealthy father’s world – remembered an old hand-shaped vibrator that he had seen somewhere vile and thought it would be funny if Young had a sex toy stuffed within her for decades before Mark Henry fucked it out.

If you can get Tommy Blacha on the podcast – for any reason, please! – finding out if he knows the answer (even if he doesn’t) would literally make Dogg Zzone breaking news on a dozen wrestling news sites at least, almost immediately. If you do a wrestling focused ep with him, those sites would break it into seven different news articles because they are staffed by desperate piecework writers.

So clearly, if only for the sake of the poor piecemeal bastards, we need a wrasslin episode of the podcast (I prayed anime week into existence, I’m trying to go 2 for 2)

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