Podcasting Day: The 1900HOTDOG CCG with Dennard Dayle 🌭

Welcome to Podcasting Day! Let’s get this out of the way: This week we’re opening bizarre trading cards from ancient storied times like the ‘90s, and our guest is the very brilliant and extremely Brooklyn Dennard Dayle! You know him from… us! Right here! This is his Twitter, and he has an astoundingly good book out right now. You can buy that. With money!

Here’s how things work behind the scenes at 1900HOTDOG: One of us makes a joke about something and then immediately forgets it. The other laughs, and then starts thinking “…but what if it wasn’t a joke?” Then weeks later we ambush the other with a reality we never meant to ask for. It works beautifully, like this:

And then we do a two hour podcast about it, where we discover a proto-Jurassic Park movie called Baby, and its extremely horny trading cards about the various wounds inflicted on a baby dinosaur puppet. 

Oh! And also we ate all of the ancient gum, including the stick that bubbled the paint on the front of A Familiar Face and left a black stain of lingering sin on the back.

So any day now, that will have killed us. That’s it! Good run, everybody. Memorialize us through the medium of podcast review, and avenge us wherever you get your podcasts


8 replies on “Podcasting Day: The 1900HOTDOG CCG with Dennard Dayle 🌭”

Was “____ love, ____ style”, like, a recurring motif in ’90s trading cards? Because I definitely had one from the first Ninja Turtles movie that was titled “Brotherly Love, Turtle Style”.

Yeah, it was a play on an early 70s tv show that was a part of the childhoods of 1992 copywriters.

“Nose Stench Attack” is a very wide swing at the N*Sync album No Strings Attached

You unlocked my memory of watching baby on the Saturday Afternoon movie as a kid! As well as G4 covering E3, I think, and they interviewed the Wayans brothers introduce their card game!

I screamed so loud, I forget Baby exists and every few years I’m reminded by the most unlikely sources that it was a real thing and apparently had beautiful, elegant, dynamic trading cards for all to admire.

Seanbaby said “gumstain” and the fact that nobody chased that down and tore it to pieces had me freaking the fuck out.

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