Learning Day: Bowl Better Using Self Hypnosis

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4 replies on “Learning Day: Bowl Better Using Self Hypnosis”

I truly can’t wait for the Herculoids invasion this all seems to be leading towards.

Holy cats, the address for his bowling league is only a block and a half from my place. Now its a home supply store called Glaze n Seal. Well, back to bed, or “marital bowling lane”, where Ill tap the 1-3 hole for a clean splash.

Therm Gibson’s choice to look directly into the camera has ensured that the man will stalk my dreams forevermore, just daring me to leave any pins still standing. I’m sure, over time, his definition of “pin” will become more and more warped until I’m wandering the woods chopping down trees and other random things until nothing is left standing.

Therm will still insist there are pins standing.

There will always be pins standing.

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